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The Beauty of Sar Pass Trek - A Visual Journey Through the Himalayas

Written By Admin

23 May 2024

A beautiful journey to the Himalayas, with towering peaks, lush valleys, and pristine landscapes, can take all your agony away. So has to offer the Sar Pass Trek, which provides a breathtaking experience to all trekkers. The journey to this trek is for every avid trekker who wants to explore all kinds of terrain. This blog will provide you with the visual journey of the Sar Pass Trek so that you can prepare yourself to go on this beautiful venture.

Importance of visuals in capturing the beauty of the trek

As you begin your adventure, the grandeur of the Sar Pas Trek will leave you awestruck. The beauty of dense forests and pristine meadows will tempt you to move ahead to see the magnificent beauty that lies ahead.

1. Sunrise and sunset spectacles

If you camp at Nagru or Biskeri, you will be thrilled to watch the miraculous rising sun change the color of the sky, silhouetting the mountain and giving you a dreamy feel.

2. Serene Sar Lake

Going forward in this journey of the Sar Pas Trek, you will get a chance to witness Sar Lake, situated amidst the mountains. This beautiful lake, surrounded by towering peaks, will give you a sense of calmness where you can reflect on your consciousness.

3. High-altitude vistas

Situated at an altitude of over 13,000 feet, this trek has high-altitude terrain that offers a beautiful view of mountains.

4. Moments of solitude

For mountain lovers, the Sar Pass Trek is a place of solitude; it offers stillness within oneself, accompanied by mountains. You can submerge yourself in the profound beauty of the moment, where the moments of quietude will only bring you peace.

Overview of the trekking route

At a height of 13,799 feet, the Sar Pass Trek starts from Kasol, where you will be walking through dense forests, meadows, and quaint villages. The scenic view of beautiful mountains will captivate you enough to explore further. Look through the trekking route to know where to begin and what comes in between.

Day 1: Kasol to Grahan Village

At an altitude of 17,00 m to 2,350 m, the distance from Kasol to Grahan is about 10 km, which takes 5 hours to complete the trek. The trail is easy to navigate, and it is a common route for the villagers. People already acquainted with the route can cover this within a matter of hours. As you are climbing through this trek, look for the village of Grahan on the top of the hill. There will be a camping ground where you can camp for the night.

Day 2: Grahan to Min Thach

Situated at heights of 2,350 m to 3,400 m, the route from Grahan to Min Thach takes approximately 4 to 5 hours to cover a distance of 7km. Now, from the camping ground at Grahan village, the direction moves forward to the north. Where the route for Min Thach begins.

Day 3: Min Thach to Nagaru

With an altitude of 3,400 to 3,800, the total distance from Min Thach to Nagaru is 8 km, which can be completed in 4 to 6 hours. Nagaru is not far away from Min Thach.

Day 4: Nagaru-Sar Pass-Biskeri Thach

As you wake up early, your journey to Biskeri will begin in Nagaru. The total distance from Nagaru to Biskeri Thach is 14 km, which takes 8 hours to complete. However, the route is unfavorable but offers a beauty to watch. As you come down, you will see a gentle valley, and then you finally reach Biskeri Thach.

Day 5: Biskeri Thach to Bursheni

Covering a total distance of 10km from Biskeri Thach to Bursheni, from Biskeri you will need to come down through the dense forest. After completing the route and the beauty along the way of grasslands, more forest, and lumber yards, you will reach your final destination of Pulga village. It is from here that you cross a bridge to Bursheni,  where you can get a taxi or bus to Kasol.

Planning is essential for the Sar Pass Trek

  • Carry a backpack that weighs only around 40L to 60L. Make sure your bag has rain cover.
  • Also, prepare a separate daypack containing a weight of 20 L.

  • Make sure you have shoes that have a good grip and conveniently fit to your feet
  • Carry 2 pairs of cotton socks and 3 pairs of woolen socks

  • Carry trek pants that are lightweight and able to dry quickly
  • Full-sleeve shirt and T-shirt
  • Woolen clothes
  • Windproof, thick jacket

  • Light-cover raincoat and covers for your rucksack
  • Waterproof hand gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Trekking pole

Medical Kit
  • Carry medicine to avert unforeseen events. medicines that will help you beat common illnesses are Diamox, Avomine, combi-flame, lomofen, Disprin,
  • Maintain a first aid box that should have crepe bandages, Gauze, band-aids, move spray, and antiseptic cream.

Trust Himalayan Daredevil for the affordable Sar Pass Trek packages

To experience the imaginary world of the Sar Pass Trek, you need to plan your trek now. This trek has a lot to offer, allowing you to live your dreams in nature’s grandeur. Plan your route with essential equipment, where every step will take you through nature’s wonders. However, planning alone is a cumbersome task to perform. But don’t worry, you just focus on an adventure to create memories, and for the rest of the task, choose the Himalayan Daredevil. We provide an affordable Sar Pas Trek package, ensuring a safe journey.

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