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The Importance of Using Two Trekking Poles on Himalayan Treks

Written By Jaikant Negi, Naveen Negi

10 Jul 2024

The Himalayan Treks are a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave you breathless and offer a chance to bond with nature in one of the most beautiful areas on the planet. The rough terrain and high altitudes, however, offer unique challenges that necessitate adequate preparation and suitable gear. One often ignored but crucial tool for these hikes is a set of trekking poles. By using two trekking poles, it is possible to greatly increase your balance, reduce physical fatigue, and enhance your whole trekking experience. In this post, we will look at the numerous merits of employing trekking poles as well as their indispensability when having an adventure in the Himalayas.

The importance of proper gear and equipment

Whenever you are trekking, it is important for you to have proper gear and equipment. In critical situations, gear and equipment are going to be your potential friends. Let's look into some worthy equipment and gear:

1. Footwear: During trekking, the right trekking shoes protect your foot from injuries. Moreover, while on the Himalaya’s bumpy trek, well-fitted hiking boots will be your biggest supporter. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, trekking boots are essential. With quality boots, you can either have the best or the worst trek.

2. Trekking Poles: Doing a trek with trekking poles helps with a steady walk over rough terrain. They work as your third arm and will help you in your journey. Trekking sticks also improve your arm's ability to share the load.

3. Clothing: The Himalayan treks are covered with snow throughout the year. Whenever planning for Himalayan treks, it is must that you have essential layers of clothing.

Benefits of Using Two Trekking Poles

No doubt, a single trekking stick is important, but two trekking sticks do all the magic. Here are five benefits of two trekking poles that you can't ignore:

1. Stability and Balance: Your balance and stability are greatly enhanced when you use two walking poles, especially on rough or slippery ground. When walking on stony trails, crossing streams, or descending steep slopes, it helps to prevent slips and injuries.

2. Reduced Joint and Muscle Strain: Trekking poles help distribute your body weight more evenly by taking stress away from your knees, hips, and lower back. This distribution of weight reduces the strain on your joints and muscles, making long treks more comfortable and less tiring.

3. Full body workout: When trekking with poles, you also involve the upper part of your body besides using legs only; hence, one can perform a fully efficient workout. It saves energy that can be used for longer trekking distances without getting tired fast.

4. Support for Ascents and Descents: Trekking poles give you extra leverage to move up hills with less exertion on your part. On descent, they function as brakes, thus giving you better control while reducing stress on the knees as well as the ankles.

5. Aid in Weight Distribution: Backpacks can be very heavy, hence causing strains around the neck as well as shoulders. By shifting some load through them, hiking sticks save you from these effects while improving posture maintenance, thereby reducing overall loads on the spinal cord.

Proper Use of Trekking Poles

To apply trekking poles appropriately, you will need to set the height correctly and ensure that your elbows are bent at the right angles. When walking, swing the poles along with the other leg (the left leg with the right pole, and vice versa). Wrist straps can be used to move some of the load from the hands to your arms. For climbing, reduce their length slightly so as to have better leverage; for going downhill, on the other hand, increase it for added support. While skiing, put them forward enough but not too far, as this helps maintain stability and balance during movement. Always check regularly whether or not hiking sticks are worn out to change where necessary.

Final thoughts on why they are essential for Himalayan treks.

It is important to carry trekking poles when going on Himalayan treks because of the challenging and diverse terrain. Such ideal stability and balance greatly reduce the risk of slipping and falling on rocky paths or steep climbs. Besides, they help reduce the impact on knees and joints by balancing the weight on them, thus making long-distance trekking less painful for those who enjoy it. Poles also enable a steady pace to be maintained, conserve energy, and even raise overall endurance. Furthermore, they offer additional support during river crossings and ease heavy backpack burdens. In addition, investing in good-quality trekking poles could make your trek safer and more enjoyable.