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Difficulties Of Kashmir Great Lakes Trek | Himalayan Daredevils

Written By Admin

04 Jan 2024

Everyone extols the beauty of the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, one of the most beautiful treks in India. The path to Kashmir Great Lake starts through diverse terrain, leaving a trail of descriptive beauty in the valley. As you walk through the banks of crystal-clear lakes towards the mountain pass, you will experience enchantment and the spellbound beauty of Kashmir.

kashmir great lakes trek

The allure of experiencing this adventure journey makes every trekker go on this challenging expedition. However, if you are unaccustomed to the difficulty level, you might find this a herculean task. Therefore, you must get the proper understanding and prepare accordingly. In this blog, we will give you succinct information on how you can be prepared for the challenges you might face during this adventurous journey.

Factors you should keep in mind while measuring the difficulty level of Kashmir Great Lake Trek

Every trek generally faced three challenges, followed by altitude, weather, and terrain. That requires taking adequate measures to follow these factors, which have a great impact on your trekking journey.

1. Being wary of high-altitude:

Allowing your body to adjust to lower oxygen levels, you should gradually increase your acceleration while you steep towards a higher altitude. To assist your body in coping with high altitude, you must keep yourself hydrated and maintain a healthy diet all along.

2. The weather is unpredictable:

Generally, people prefer to trek in the summer months of June and September. This season brings a mild and pleasant experience, making it ideal for trekking. However, the nights are chillier when compared to the daytime temperature, which ranges from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. Moreover, crossing the trekking route becomes difficult when warm weather causes ice to melt, increasing the water level of the streams.

So the success of the Kashmir Great Lake Trek depends on the vagaries of the weather, which is highly unpredictable. To tackle the weather challenges, you must have essential equipment such as the right gear, sturdy waterproof clothes, waterproof shoes, and warm clothes for cold nights. Also, to enjoy a safer experience, you must be consistent in checking the weather forecast.

3. The trekking terrain:

You may get a thrilling experience while trekking to Kashmir's Great Lakes Trek, but the terrain of the route is diverse, thus contributing to the trek’s difficulty level. As the journey begins with well-diversified trails, it takes you through a variety of terrain that leads towards alpine meadows. Which makes it more challenging.

To navigate the steep ascents and rocky paths, your body needs to be in a healthy state. Moreover, you are required to walk more carefully as you walk through the paths that follow the edges of the mountain. You are required to wear sturdy shoes and waterproof trekking gear to efficiently expedite your journey in the difficult terrain. Carry trekking poles to traverse through the diverse trekking terrain of the Kashmir Great Lakes.

Who is capable of traveling to the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek?

While you may be enthused with positive energy to start the adventurous expedition, you must be acquainted with the difficulty level of the Kashmir Great Lake Trek, which is said to be moderate to difficult. Not knowing the meandering routes of the Kashmir Great Lake will leave you confused, so you will be advised to follow the moderate level of the trek.

However, you must take into account the general considerations of any necessities you may need during the trip. That is like thinking about the terrain, how much time you are going to spend, supplies, equipment, medication, and gear. Also, you must consult a doctor about your fitness level before going on the trek, which should align with your physical condition and health goals.

Is it safe to travel on the Kashmir Great Lake Trek?

The safety of the trek depends on how carefully you have researched the Kashmir Great Lake Trek and planned your trip accordingly. So before beginning your journey, you must have knowledge of the area, its routes, the local people, and the local authorities.

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