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Difficulties of Buran Ghati Trek | Himalayan Daredevils

Written By Admin

03 Jun 2024

Every avid trekker wants to revel in the gorgeous forest, gushing rivers, beautiful streams, and snow-capped mountains. The Buran Ghati trek provides every plausible reason to begin this enthralling journey of joy and happiness. This trek is defined as having a difficulty level of moderate to difficult, which has more often kept many trekkers hesitant towards it. What corroborates the distinctive feature of the trek is that it is known as the Grand Buffet of India’s Greatest Trek and has several varieties to offer. Therefore, unlike the other moderate treks, this trek is considered to be a little difficult.

It is situated close to the border of Himachal Pradesh and covers a total distance of 150km from Shimla. Trekkers start their journey from Jaglik village. The best time to enjoy this trek is between mid-September and mid-October. This is a time when you get a chance to see the stunning view of the mountains, and if you are lucky enough, you might also see the first snowfall of the year that begins in October. In this blog, we will discuss how Buran Ghati is difficult and what you need to do so that you stay prepared for your next journey.

Discussing the Difficulties faced during the trek

Although the Buran Ghati trek is enlisted as a moderate to difficult trek, it still presents a great challenge to trekkers, and coping with that requires enough strength and planning to endure the challenges. Let’s take a look at what challenges are commonly faced by every trekker during their journey.

1. Steep ascents and descents

While trekkers show great exuberance in their trekking journey to the Buran Ghati trek, they might get weary of this cumbersome trail if they go forward unplanned and erratically. This trek of uphill and downhill sections is where every trekker requires a lot of endurance to keep the pace up. If you are a person who has never been to a high altitude, trekking can be physically challenging for you.

Buran Ghati Trekking
2. Altitude sickness

For a beginner, trekking straight to a high altitude of above 15,000 feet can cause altitude sickness. The symptoms you may feel are dizziness, nausea, headaches, and shortness of breath.

3. Weather conditions

For the weather in the mountains, you cannot be certain when there will be rain, snow, and extreme cold conditions. If you plan to go on this venture when there is rain and snow, you might get caught with frostbite and hypothermia.

4. Long trekking hours

Trekking for long hours to complete this arduous journey requires you to stay physically fit. Because the road contains upheavals of rough and uneven terrain, which can be exhausting if you are not physically and mentally prepared for this.

Importance of understanding and preparing for challenges

1. Physical fitness

Stay well prepared before you go on any trekking journey because your body needs to be well prepared lest all be in vain. Involve yourself in regular exercises like cycling, swimming, and yoga that help build resilience in your body, making you physically strong. Also, do strength training to meet the long trekking demands.

2. Acclimatization

Be familiar with high altitude before you go on a real one; for this, spend some time at high altitude so that you can be adjusted to thin air. You can do this as a practice by coming early to the trekking point.

3. Gear

Have all the essential equipment ready beforehand, including trekking shoes, rain gear, warm clothes, and all essential trekking gear. Also, have a protective cover for your backpack. And you must not forget the trekking, because it is very important when you make the journey downward. 

4. Mental preparation

Uplift yourself with all the positive energy and have a strong willingness to begin this beautiful adventure. For this, stay positive, keep all your worries away, maintain discipline, and create a flexible plan that makes your trekking journey easy.